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miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Hugo Chávez is preparing for war "ensure peace"

After warning the governments of Colombia and the United States that Venezuelans are "ready for anything," the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, called yesterday for his country's military and civilians who support them prepare for war.
Chávez made the stark warning after endorsing the statement of former Cuban President Fidel Castro that the U.S. has annexed to Colombia with the treaty that allows soldiers to use military bases in South American country.
"You will make mistakes because we (Venezuelans) are ready for anything," said Chavez and implicitly rejected the offer of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of attempting to meet with the president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe.
"We must talk to the master and so I tell the president (U.S., Barack) Obama: do not go wrong and will sort you open aggression against Venezuela to Colombia using," the head of state of Venezuela in its Sunday radio program and television show "Hello President."
Before you scream "homeland, socialism or death," Chavez ordered members of the Bolivarian Armed Force "to prepare for war as the best way to avoid it."
"This world is infected with the disease virus terrible violence of the powerful against the weak," he said after stating that "many people had illusions" of changes in the U.S. with the arrival of Obama to the Presidency .
"We were always cautious with the victory of President Obama, very early start to realize the truth, that the rule is there, alive and more menacing than ever," he said.
The Government of Colombia "was transferred to the United States. This you must know, unfortunately this is so sad and painful, but true, "Chavez said and insisted that" Colombia is presented, not the people but the government, the oligarchy, and without shame or anything, before they put the mask, the mask is now removed.
Chavez said that the treaty between Bogota and Washington becomes "fact" to Colombia in a "state of the union more. "The two governments have partnered to lying to the world, to try to lie to the world" and "then, gentlemen, fellow soldiers, do not miss a day in compliance with our main mission: to prepare for war and help people prepare for war because it is everyone's responsibility, "he said.
Domestic opponents, whom he calls "squalid, are a fifth column, whether we know, are stateless and the Colombian oligarchy," Chavez said, urging the military leaders to "waste no time" with them and concentrate on other areas.

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